About MLC

Over 250 years of complex structural building experience with MLC York

Talented (and modest) with an enthusiasm unlike any other… our band of brothers have been collectively serving the built environment for over 250 years. We’re more like family than most, and we’re not even bound by blood!

Qualifying in essential trades during the 20th century makes us feel old when in fact, our hands-on apprenticeships and professional qualifications served a fantastic opportunity to be at the forefront of change. Adapting to modern techniques without forgetting traditional artisan methods adds a surplus of skills into the MLC melting pot.

The team’s deep intuition regularly works to benefit clients… supply chains feel reassured when working with us and architects enjoy operating in partnership with us. Hindsight adds value as customers become friends, returning time and time again when success sets in.

Trust MLC – our exemplary safety record is proof that you’re in good hands.



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